Friends of West LA is proud to support the Westwood Library and the Palms Library.

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FOWLA Donates $10,000 to Westwood Library

Happy to support Westwood Los Angeles Public Library with $10,000 to purchase more books for the library. #FOWLA

6/18/18 – Donation to Westwood Public Library

FOWLA is pleased to donate $20,000 to Westwood LA Public Library.

FOWLA Contributes An Additional $13,000+ To Westwood @lapubliclibrary

Los Angeles City Librarian John Szabo was on hand today not only for the surprise $10,000 gift from FOWLA to the Westwood Library, but also for an additional extra surprise contribution of over $13,000. This brings FOWLA's contributions to the Westwood Library to over...

FOWLA Contributes $10,000 to Westwood Library Via @paulkoretzcd5 @WWLibraryFriend

The Friends of the Westwood Library put on a tremendous event today to celebrate the library's 10th anniversary. FOWLA was pleased to surprise the library and the Friends of the Library with a $10,000 check commemorating the 10th anniversary. Councilmember Koretz got...

FOWLA Contributes $10,000 to Westwood Library

FOWLA board member Laura Lake presented the Westwood Library with a contribution of $10,000 yesterday. Councilmember Paul Koretz' "Hi-5" newsletter reported the following:"Members of the Friends of the Westwood Library gathered Thursday, September 26 to receive a...

FOWLA contributes $10,000 to Palms/Ray Bradbury Library

Friends of West L.A. was pleased to present $10,000 to the Palms/Ray Bradbury Library. FOWLA wishes to thank corporate partner neighbor JMB for its strong civic involvement and proactive efforts to help our schools, parks, libraries police and firefighters. Joining...

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Elementary Schools Fairburn Elementary Overland Elementary Westwood Charter Castle Heights Elementary Parks Rancho Park Palms Park Westwood Recreation Center Libraries Palms Library Westwood Library Police West Los Angeles Police Department Fire Stations Station 37:...

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