How FOWLA Works

FOWLA is governed by an all-volunteer board.  FOWLA investments generate returns which are provided, no strings attached, to the recipient facilities.  FOWLA also accepts contributions.

All like facilities receive the same level of funding.  The facilities were selected as they provided services to the HOAs who participated during the creation of FOWLA.  Existing facilities cannot be removed from the recipient list and new facilities cannot be added. (Except when a contributor directs new funds for another facility or project.)

The FOWLA board does not exercise any control over facility funds except to make sure that the funds are not directed to individuals, that expenditures are approved by the person-in-charge at the facility and that funds are used to benefit the recipient facility.  The person-in-charge is as follows:

  • Schools: Principal
  • Parks: Park Director
  • Libraries: Librarian in charge
  • Police: West LAPD Captain
  • Fire Stations: Designated Captain or Firefighter in charge of House Dues

Funds from the primary FOWLA community benefit fund are allocated per the following percentages:

Facility Percent Est Annual Contribution
West Los Angeles Police Department 11.00% $27,500
Los Angeles Fire Station 92 2.50% $6,250
Los Angeles Fire Station 37 2.50% $6,250
Los Angeles Fire Station 43 2.50% $6,250
Los Angeles Fire Station 59 2.50% $6,250
Westwood Charter Elementary School 12.30% $30,625
Overland Elementary School 12.30% $30,625
Fairburn Elementary School 12.30% $30,625
Castle Heights Elementary School 12.30% $30,625
Westwood Recreation Center 7.30% $18,333
Palms Recreation Center 7.30% $18,333
Cheviot Hills Park 7.30% $18,333
Palms – Rancho Park Branch Library 4.00% $10,000
Westwood Branch Library 4.00% $10,000
Total 100.0% $250,000

In the case of donor-directed contributions, the FOWLA Board will make sure the contributor’s wishes as to the use of their contribution are honored.