Fowla received this wonderful note from Fairburn Elementary.
On behalf of my community, I would like to express my gratitude for your organization’s check to my Elementary school last year. Thanks to your generousity, our students benefitted from the following new resources and programs this year:
* We purchased the program and materials to implement “Schools in Motion” for our 450 students daily. This program  (was piloted by Overland Elementary School) provides aerobic instruction for 15 minutes to all students at the start of every morning. Our parents have hired an instructor for this program and are enthusiastic about it!
* We have supplemented our technology program and through your donation, we have purchased additional technology to begin a new Broadcast News program where 4th and 5th grade students provide a “live stream” TV program which was researched, written, filmed, and read off a teleprompter to all of our classrooms monthly on our Smartboards. The address is Please check it out!
* All of our students now have individualized iReady Math and English Language Arts programs that they can access from both school and at home. This school license provides individualized profiles, instruction, assessments, in an amusing fashion to support students learning and the school-home connection as well as reduces the needs for after school tuturing.
* We have hired a 3-hour Library Aide to provide weekly instruction and access to our school library
* We now have the funds to hire substitute teachers to allow our teachers to attend trainings
* We can now provide additional instructional materials and resources for teachers.

Your partnership with Fairburn has enhanced the education of our children and conitnues to strengthen our families bond with their community. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Elizabeth J. Abramowitz
Principal Fairburn Elementary School