With a $7,200 grant from FTC, FOWLA had Qwick Kurb (http://www.qwickkurb.com) delineators installed at Olympic and Fox Hills in West LA near Century City.

When present, the delineators prevent dangerous turns onto Fox Hills from Olympic.

The new delineators replaced old “candlestick” delineators that would be destroyed within weeks and then remain down for months until the City could replace them.  The failure rate of the old delineators was so high that there was almost no point in time where all delineators were up and many occasions where all were down.


When the old delineators were down, several accidents occurred at the intersection.

With the much-appreciated help of CM Paul Koretz, CD5 COS Joan Pelico, Selwyn Hollins at LADOT and Kevin James at BPW, the new delineators were purchased and installed.

Update: Over the 10 months the new delineators have been installed, not one has come down!.

Here’s the invoice for the delineators: