The Expo Greenway (or Westwood Neighborhood Greenway) is multi‐benefit project designed to provide urban runoff treatment, green space, access to public transit, and recreational opportunities. This “rails with trails” concept will improve water quality, showcase the Exposition Light Rail line, encourage ridership, and provide a unique transit experience in the City of Los Angeles.    Several treatment systems will be integrated into the project area to treat urban runoff while mimicking natural hydrologic processes. A simulated stream and a tree‐lined vegetated buffer will be integrated into the project area to facilitate biofiltration of urban runoff.   Due to the project’s close proximity to the rail line and low soil permeability, infiltration of the captured flow poses a challenge.

Project elements include:

  • Simulated stream (bioswale) on the north and south side of the railroad tracks
  • Pedestrian walkways and foot bridges
  • Class I bike path ( by MTA) and
  • Aesthetic and educational amenities.

FOWLA is pleased to contribute toward this exceptional project.

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