Emerson Middle School held a wonderful event for prospective parents tonight.  The plans for the major campus upgrade was displayed and several of Emerson’s new programs were highlighted.

School Board member Steve Zimmer spoke to the group and emphasized his commitment to the continued growth of Emerson.

Emerson principal Watson talked about the new programs and the importance of parents, teachers, students and the community coming together.

FOWLA VP/Co-Founder Mike Eveloff was pleased to continue FOWLA’s support for Emerson by presenting a total of $14,825 for several important programs.  They are:

  • Robotics Class: $1,425
  • Robotics Club: $4,700
  • Shakespeare Initiative: $1,650
  • Speech & Debate Class/Team: $3,400 (on top of a previous $3,000)
  • Drama/Midsummer Night’s Dream: $2,000
  • Drama/Grease: $2,000
  • 6th Grade Science Laptop: $1,400